Paradox Kickstarter Week 1 Art Round-up!

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Apr 15, 2022

Welcome Scientists one and all, short and tall, sane or mad, good or bad!

Week one of our Paradox Initiative campaign is nearly complete, and with the strands of spacetime that players will be pulling with the paradox engine, we are pulling a vast array of talented artists from across the board game universe!

Let’s quickly run down what (and who!) has been revealed thus far:

On day one of the campaign, we were extremely fortunate to have Monique (aka GameFreakGeekGirl on Twitch) reveal Andrew Bosley as our first artist! Following his amazing contributions to smash hits like Everdell and Merchants of the Dark Road, Andrew is illustrating Bytegrovia in Paradox Initiative. 

To learn more about Andrew’s work and some of his favorite games, check out first Kickstarter update right here!

For our Day Two art reveal, we turned to one of the board game world’s most prolific reviewers on YouTube, Richard Ham aka Rahdo! As part of the R&R Show discussing the Top 100 Games of All Time, Rahdo introduces David Cochard as our second Paradox Initiative artist:

David’s board game art portfolio includes lighter games like Codenames Pictures, as well as heftier strategy games such as Dungeon Petz. Jurexis is the planet that David has illustrated, bringing a playful species into the Paradox Initiative environment!

For a discussion about David Cochard’s journey as an artist, and how he found his way into the board game sphere, read the Q&A in our Day Two Kickstarter update!

From one board game media heavyweight to another, we are extremely grateful to have Mr. Hat-and-Tie himself, Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower introducing our Day Three artist reveal, Vincent Dutrait!

Board games, roleplaying games, and even children’s books have been the artistic domain of Vincent Dutrait for over 20 years, and Elf Creek fans may recognize his incredible work on our own Atlantis Rising!

Vincent illustrates the strange and distant planet called Earth in Paradox Initiative. To learn about his favorite piece of board game art, and the one game he’s willing to play over and over again, check out our Day Three Kickstarter update right here!

We’re so thankful that Ruel Gaviola of the ever-popular Tabletop Tonight (which you can find on both Twitch and YouTube) was willing and able to introduce our Day Four featured artist, Michael Menzel!

Michael Menzel is not only an amazingly talented artist with contributions to over 300 games, he is also the designer of the award-winning Legends of Andor! In the Paradox Initiative, Menzel has illustrated the world of Landesten!

Thank you to the one and all that has contributed to Paradox Initiative’s early success on Kickstarter, including our wonderful community of backers! We have so many more artist reveals coming throughout the campaign, and we’d love for you to join us. Visit the Paradox Initiative campaign page to learn more about the game, and please consider helping us bring this project to life by putting on your own Mad Scientist jacket and becoming a campaign backer!