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Atlantis Rising

Your home, the great city of Atlantis, is sinking. You must work together to construct a cosmic gate and save your people.

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    Atlantis Rising is a cooperative worker placement game. Players will deploy citizens across the island of Atlantis and gather resources by rolling dice. Resources are easier to collect near the shore, but workers are more likely to be swallowed up by floodwaters. Work together and take strategic risks to save the people of Atlantis from destruction.

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    Atlantis Rising

    Your home, the great city of Atlantis, is sinking. You must work together to construct a cosmic gate and save your people.

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      Atlantis Rising Play Mat

      This vibrant, neoprene play mat depicts the flooded side of Atlantis. The play mat has space for the board resources making it both practical and great-looking on the table. The island of Atlantis is set up on the mat and removed rather than flipped as it floods. Watch the island vanish before. . . Show More >

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      Atlantis Rising Deluxe Components

      Enhance the look and feel of your copy of Atlantis Rising with these jaw-dropping component upgrades. The upgrade replaces the acrylic gems with uniquely shaped resin and metal resources and includes new wooden pieces and thematic, engraved dice. These deluxe components are a wonder to behold. . . Show More >

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      Atlantis Rising: Medusa Unleashed

      Medusa has come. Will she be friend or foe? Medusa Unleashed is a new module for Atlantis Rising and can be used with any player count, though with new cosmic gate components optimized for use by 1-3 players. The new expansion introduces Monsters, persistent misfortunes that continue to hinde. . . Show More >

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      Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities

      Atlantis still needs you! The gods will spare no effort to destroy Atlantis. From the hidden depths of the world they have called forth unspeakable terrors, monsters sent to destroy, frighten, and harry the Atlantean effort to save their civilization. But hope is not lost. On Atlantis, as new. . . Show More >

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      Features & Components

      In this challenging mission of escape and survival, 1-7 players take on the role of the leaders of Atlantis and their followers. You must build the components of a cosmic gate to lead your people to safety. The island is sinking, so speed is of the essence.

      List of Components

      • 37 double-sided game board island tiles
      • 54 player pieces (52 wooden, 2 acrylic, including custom meeples)
      • 6 mystic barriers, with plastic stands
      • 24 mystic energy (glass beads)
      • 10 double-sided councilor player boards
      • 100 bridge/standard-American cards
      • 21 cosmic gate tiles
      • Wrath of the gods round tracker and token
      • 1st player marker
      • 1 rulebook
      • 12 acrylic crystals
      • 12 acrylic gold nuggets
      • 12 acrylic iron ore meteorites
      • 16 resin atlantium bars
      • 2 six-sided, 20mm dice

      How To Play

      Are you having trouble learning the rules? We’ve got you covered. Join Rodney Smith from Watch it Played as he guides you through how to play Atlantis Rising. He will walk you through all the rules to give you a feel for what the game is like in action.


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