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Honey Buzz: Fall Flavors Deluxe Edition - PRE-ORDER

Sweetwater Grove is all a buzz!

Thanks to the hard work of accountants like you, the Queen’s honey stand is up and running. But now fall has arrived, and winter is coming! Her Majesty has given Her workers new responsibilities. So strike up the waggle dance, it’s time for business!

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Fall Flavors is an expansion that introduces five new modules for Honey Buzz: Fall Fruit, Harvest Festival, Autumn Leaves, Nectar Caps, Harvest Festival, and Sweetwater Sunset. You can mix and match to add these modules to the game in any combination!

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Features & Components

- Fall Fruit – Forage in a new field of flowers and collect fruit instead of pollen. Sell your collected apples, pears, and pumpkins at the market or save them up to complete special new orders for honey-dipped fruit. - Autumn Leaves – Collect colorful leaves found on the new leafy hive tiles as a means of decorating your hive for the queen. Score points for the leaves in your hive, based on the foliage card in play for that game. - Nectar Caps – Put caps on your nectar cells to prepare for winter. Nectar caps are worth lots of points and might even earn you a trophy, but they slow down your economy because capped nectar tiles cannot produce honey! - Harvest Festival – Trim your labor force by retiring your workers and sending them off to the harvest festival. As each worker retires, you choose whether they propose a toast or work one last time. - Sweetwater Sunset – When playing with Fall Flavors, use the new sunset board to track progress towards the end of the game. When the sun sets on Sweetwater Grove, winter has arrived, and the game will end.


  • 1 Sunset Board
  • 1 Sun Token
  • 1 Sunset Reference Card
  • 1 Woodland Board
  • 24 Nectar Tiles
  • 12 Fruit Order Cards
  • 7 Fruit Tiles
  • 8 Squishy Fruit Pieces
  • 8 Foliage Cards
  • 36 Leafy Hive Tiles
  • 10 Nectar Cap Tokens
  • 2 Trophy Tokens
  • 1 Festival Board
  • 18 Toast Cards
  • 9 Queen’s Contest Cards
  • 15 Drone Cards
  • 4 Player Aids
  • 4 ‘50’ Coins
  • 1 Reference Sheet
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 acrylic Sun Token (deluxe content)
  • 24 acrylic Nectar Tiles (deluxe content)
  • 7 acrylic Fruit Tiles (deluxe content)
  • 36 Leafy Hive Tiles with foil printing (deluxe content)
  • 10 acrylic Nectar Cap Tokens (deluxe content)
  • 2 wooden Trophy Tokens (deluxe content)
  • (*63 mini‐european cards total, 44×68 mm)

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