About Elf Creek Games

Elf Creek Games, LLC was founded in 2017 in order to publish games that offer a modest, fun challenge for families, dedicated gamers, and those new to the table.

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Our Mission

We want to publish high quality games, with interesting mechanics, fascinating themes, fantastic art, great graphic design, and game pieces that are a joy to use. Some folks like to decry the "soulless" strategy game. We hope to create "soulful" strategy games, with themes and experiences that engage and move their players. If that appeals to you, we hope that you follow along with us and help us on our journey.

Meet The Team

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Brent Dickman

Tabletop games have been a staple in Brent’s life since his college introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and The Settlers of Catan. After a career twist and a life-altering health scare in 2014, he embarked on a new adventure. Balancing his role as a stay-at-home dad to three children and three dogs, He co-founded Elf Creek Games with Mike, his friend since childhood. Brent’s personal trials have only strengthened his resolve to create games that bring families together and spark joy amidst life’s unpredictability.

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Mike Hinson

Mike’s love for games goes back to his earliest memories with family. As co-founder, he’s been a pivotal part of Elf Creek from our first game, ‘End of the Trail’, to our latest project. Mike brings a thoughtful perspective to every discussion, helping us to stay grounded and focused on what makes a game truly special. His reliable presence is a constant as we grow and evolve.

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Resident Storyteller

A fan of both books and games for as long as he can remember, once Caleb discovered that somebody needed to create them, there was no looking back... His fiction has been published in venues such as Weird Tales and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and his games range from tiny text adventure vignettes to massive branching narratives containing as many words as a long novel. Caleb delights in combining these passions at Elf Creek Games, where his talent for lore-building and theme development brings depth and dimension to every game.

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Paul Salomon

Paul has always been a true creator, whether it’s through songwriting, art, juggling, or mathematics – he’s constantly seeking innovative ways to bring something new into the world. As the visionary behind “Honey Buzz,” a beloved gem in the ECG game collection, Paul’s design expertise has played a pivotal role in Elf Creek Games’ success. In a joyous turn of events, in 2023, Paul embraced the role of Head of Development, positioning himself at the heart of Elf Creek’s creative team. This move allows him to craft exquisitely elegant and captivating game systems that define the essence of Elf Creek’s remarkable offerings.

Our Partners

We've worked with some cool people along that way.

  • Matt Paquette
  • We Make Teasers
  • Panda Game Manufacturing
  • OffDutyNinja
  • Brethren

Contact Us

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