About Elf Creek Games

Elf Creek Games, LLC was founded in 2017 in order to publish games that offer a modest, fun challenge for families, dedicated gamers, and those new to the table.

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Our Mission

We want to publish high quality games, with interesting mechanics, fascinating themes, fantastic art, great graphic design, and game pieces that are a joy to use. Some folks like to decry the "soulless" strategy game. We hope to create "soulful" strategy games, with themes and experiences that engage and move their players. If that appeals to you, we hope that you follow along with us and help us on our journey.

Meet The Team

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Brent Dickman

Brent has been playing hobby tabletop games since college, when he was introduced to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and The Settlers of Catan. A casual gamer for years, a period of unemployment in 2014 gave him the time and opportunity to delve deeply into the hobby. In 2016 he approached his childhood friend, Mike, about starting a board game company to publish the kind of games they love to play. The rest, we hope, is history.

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Mike Hinson

Mike cannot remember a time when board games were not part of his life. His childhood is filled with fond memories of playing games with family, and he still loves to test out new game designs with his parents and siblings. Designing games has opened up a world of creativity that he never imagined, but instantly loved. With Elf Creek, Mike oversees the development of our games. He’s also the designer of our first title, End of the Trail.

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Customer Experience Manager

Monique is an avid lover of play, they have been happily engaged in the board game industry for a while now starting as a content creator before joining the Elf Creek team. You can find them on livestreams, at our convention booths - and don’t be surprised if they are singing, making puns, and encouraging a healthy amount of fun and play. Follow them on Twitch at Twitch.tv/gamefreakgirl

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Anja Lugo
Director of Operations

Anja used to play board games and card games with both of her grandmothers. Later in life she found board game to be so therapeutic that she decided she wanted to help others find joy through gaming. She has worked in the board game industry for 6 years taking on various roles such as playtesting, rulebook feedback, translations (Spanish – English), demo team recruitment, convention management and more!

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Resident Storyteller

Caleb has loved both books and games for as long as he can remember. Once he discovered that somebody needed to create them, there was no looking back... His fiction has been published in venues such as Weird Tales and Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and his games range from tiny text adventure vignettes to massive branching narratives containing as many words as a long novel. He is delighted that his work with Elf Creek Games lets him combine these two passions!

Our Partners

We've worked with some cool people along that way.

  • Matt Paquette
  • We Make Teasers
  • Panda Game Manufacturing
  • OffDutyNinja

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