Post-Paradoxical Perspectives

honey buzz product
May 06, 2022

The Paradox Initiative will officially become a reality! Thank you to the 1,350 backers who trusted us to create this time-bending collection of terrestrial exploration! We have plenty of work ahead in the coming months, but before we leap from one driver’s seat to another, let’s take a moment to reflect on the campaign and what we accomplished together.


Over the 18 days of the Paradox Initiative campaign, we had the pleasure of working with 18 different creators from the board game media landscape, to reveal the 18 brilliant artists involved in this project. Those artists have brought so much life and variety to the 18 worlds featured in the game, capturing a snapshot of their past, present, and future!

Certainly, strategic choices will drive the drafting of certain worlds in the game. However, we are absolutely smitten with the possibility that when players seek out a full set of cards from one of these planets, they will play with the potential of hunting for their favorite artists along the way!


When the Paradox Initiative launched on Kickstarter, no stretch goals were announced. Part of the beauty of bringing a game to life with a crowdfunding community is that we can collaborate with backers to create unexpected content, adding value for everyone involved in the project.

The Solo Market Squishy brings a new tactile element to the Paradox Initiative, and based on the positive reception to similar components from Honey Buzz, we are thrilled to bring this upgrade to the game.

Upgrading the Alliance Tokens and Trigger Discs respectively to acrylic and resin tokens brings truly unique Elf Creek Promo items that will not be included in the retail edition of the game. The addition of these quality materials might be a relatively small change for the gameplay experience, but will make a huge difference to your satisfaction whenever the Paradox Initiative makes it onto your table!

The Matrix Token Bag transforming into a Super-Deluxe upgrade will make for a major Quality-of-Life improvement for all editions of the game. Draw bag quality can make or break a tabletop game experience, and we fully expect this unlock to bring players one of the finest in the entire gaming universe!

Our final stretch goal upgrade is the Glitch Marker, which may very well wind up being the most satisfying improvement we’ve made! Holding this baton-esque marker is now going to be a real moment in the game, and we can only hope that backers won’t fight over who gets to pick up and relocate this titanic tower

We had one more stretch goal planned that we didn't hit...stay tuned! We may yet do something with it!


Now that the campaign has ended, what are the next steps for us as a publisher, and yourselves as a backer community? On our end, the behind-the-scenes work begins to ramp up, as we implement our stretch goal upgrades, and put other finishing touches on every aspect of the game. Once that is complete, we will send everything to the manufacturer to begin the process of actually producing the Paradox Initiative!

Although we don’t have a firm date, the pledge manager will open at some point in the coming weeks, which will allow late backers to join our community and everyone else to upgrade their pledge if needed. Regardless of which stage of production the game is in, we will share at least one update per month! Some of those updates won’t have much in the way of news, and others will include fun insights into the manufacturing process with pre-production photos and other interesting details. Regardless, we want each and every backer to feel they are a part of the journey from now until the final product is in your hands!